Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

It is our daily effort to provide members with the most efficient methods for the lowest cost. With the AMI meters, the co-op can read meters remotely, reconnect remotely, and locate and respond to outages more quickly and precisely.

Member Services: 757-242-6181


Benefits to you as we strive to serve you more efficiently and effectively:

Automated Meter Readings

Increased usage data

Faster service restoral following an outage

Real-time billing and usage accuracy


  • Will it cost members more money?
    • No. This automation will come at no additional charge. However, in some cases members may experience a slight change in cost where there have been meter estimations.


  • Why is the Co-Op changing my bill cycle?
    • Since 1938 CEC has used a single bill cycle. Due to the growth of our memberships, maintaining one billing cycle is no longer the most efficient way for us to provide the best quality customer service.  Therefore we have implemented four bill cycles to be better distribute workloads and be more readily available to meet your needs.


  • How will I know my new bill cycle?
    • All members were mailed a letter via U.S mail on May 19, 2017 that includes information regarding meter changes and new billing groups.


  • Can I choose/change my bill cycle?
    • AMI readings have been scheduled based on geographical areas covering the entire service territory. For this reason individual cycle selection is not offered unless members are registered for bank draft/E-Z pay/auto-pay.
    • If you have specific questions, please call our office and someone from our Member Services team will be able to assist you.


  • I’m on a budget plan. Will my budget account be affected?
    • Member budget plans will only be affected by their bill cycle due date. Your current budget plan pricing will not be altered.



  • Why can’t I continue to read my meter?
    • All members are welcome to continue to read the meter, track usage, or verify billed readings.


Our Mission:

To safely provide our members exceptional, courteous, and reliable services at a competitive cost.