TES Program

TES Program

How Does The TES Program Work? 

TES Provides complete door-to-door emergency back-up generator service.


We will work with you from start to finish of a new or existing installation. 



Replacing a generator?

We will handle that too!




How it all works: 

1. TES provides a lease that is configured for a term of 10 years.
2. TES furnishes the generator per the leasee’s specification.
3. TES assumes all boiler and machinery insurance responsibility for each leased unit.
4. TES assumes all boiler and machinery insurance responsibility for each installed and leased Automatic Transfer Switch.
5. TES provides a turn key package whereby the service and lease program includes permits, operations, installation, training and other associated cost.
6. TES provides an emergency service contact phone line 24/7.
7. TES services and maintains the generator
8. TES performs a 27 step monthly visual and operational inspection.
9. TES provides lessee with inspection reports.
10.TES retains ownership of the generator.
11.Upon expiration of the lease, the lessee may renew the service and lease agreement, extend the lease (with mutual agreement), or purchase the generator unit
12.Any additional associated equipment becomes the lessee’s property upon the conclusion of lease.
13.Lessee is responsible for safe and proper operation of equipment.
14.Lessee is responsible for all remote fuel storage if required.
15.Lessee is responsible for operational and testing fuel.
16.Alterations or repairs made to the generator become the property of TES.
17.TES will provide monthly lease billings.