Budget Billing

Budget Billing

If you have been a CEC residential customer for at least 12 months, why not sign up for Budget Billing? Budget Billing is the payment plan that lets you levelize your payments throughout the year, sparing you from unpredictable bills that result from seasonal usage variations.

Budget Billing does not reduce your overall energy expense. It simply lets you spread out your annual energy expense over a 12-month period and let you know ahead of time what your monthly payment will be. So you'll be able to manage your household budget a whole lot easier.

How It Works
CEC calculates your Budget Billing amount based on your previous 12-month usage. We then divide the total by 11 to arrive at your monthly Budget Billing payment amount.

YearEnd Settlement
On the 12th month, we'll compare the cost of your actual usage to the total amount paid.

If there's an overpayment, a check will be issued. If there's an underpayment, it will be due on the 12th month's bill.

To Enroll
To find out what your Budget Billing payment amount is and to enroll, please complete the form and return it to the Cooperative. (Applications are accepted from February 1 - April 1 for Budget Billing to begin in April.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you're not completely satisfied, you may stop Budget Billing at any time.